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"Titan has been an awesome dog. A true gentle giant.  Very smart, easy to train, awesome with kids, we have smaller kids also and he is very gentle and a good friend to them. He is about 4 years old and has been healthy."

Jon Carpenter


We love Thor.  He is 5 years old now, seriously the love of my life! :).  

Megan Morris

We love our berner, Wilson (formally Pablo). He grew up to be quite the pretty boy in my opinion. He has a great temperament and is great with our kids and other dogs. He is incredibly loving and protective without being aggressive. At 4 years old he has had no medical issues. He has his quirks of being a little bit of a worry wort and can be a bit stubborn. Overall we are incredibly happy with our pretty boy and would buy from English Valley again. 


We’re loving our Berner, we’ve named him Tex and he’s a super sweet and handsome guy. .  Thank you again for giving us a such a wonderful new member of our family!



We absolutely adore our Berner (Bernard). He is such a beautiful dog with an amazing personality, everyone who meets him loves him! Our experience in getting him was really great and we will honestly never get a Berner from anyone else, we love him so much ❤️



Stark is the best puppy I could have asked for! he is beyond sweet, he is already so loyal and is so well behaved. He gets along with my bunny, he is my shadow, he is great on a leash and is already understanding potty training. hasn’t had a single accident in his crate over night. he already understands “sit” and doesn’t even bite, he just nibbles and gives kisses! he already responds to his (new) name, and he is truly the best puppy i’ve ever had. I am so thankful for how good he is- he is a God send! ♥️ 


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